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Life is too short to settle for less than the very best and everyone knows Mom knows best. It is part of our inborn nature to make the best choices for the good of our family. One of Mom's many jobs is solving problems. The family looks toward us for solutions. This website is about seeking solutions to life's every day situations.


I have a dream to be living a self sufficient life style: growing my own food, canning and preserving the food I produce. Raising my own meats and crops to put healthy safe food on the table. I already make my own laundry soap and dish washer detergent but want to make shampoos, and cosmetics and body care items because I do not trust the products sold in stores because of the chemical contents in those products. This website is about my journey in that direction as I strive for a healthier lifestyle for the good health and well being of my family.


I am the You Fix it Mom


This name was given to meDebra Carmona by my six children several years ago.  They thought that Mom could fix anything because she is Mom. Children naturally come to Mom looking for solutions, answers to their problems, or to fix what is broken. So, with band-aids, duck tape, glue, sewing machine, or some wise advice I tried to help them. Over the years I have picked up several new skills and crafts all in the name of stretching the household budget, to make the dollar go further. I started with the usual domestic activities of learning to cut hair, sew clothes, cook at home, knit mittens and hats, shop wisely, and later broadened my experienes to home births, cake decorating, homeschooling my children, costume designing, gardening, raising chickens, and over time expanded my scope to woodworking, home repairs, plumbing, minor electrical jobs, vehicle maintance, tiling, landscaping, remodeling homes, getting involved with politics, and developing my own business through internet marketing. I love to learn new things and am willing to face any challenge. I do not accept the words "I can't" from my children, husband, art students, or even myself. If anyone tells me that something can not be done, I say, "Just watch me."

"Everyone has got it in him, if he will only make up his mind and stick at it. None of us is born with a stop-valve on his powers or with a set limit to his capabilities. There is no limit possible to the expansion of each one of us."  ~ Charles Schwab

 Removing a Closet
Sanding a Wall
Removing Floorboards

How did I come to this title and the concept for this website?



Service is just not what it used to be in the old days and labor costs are getting increasingly higher, while the economy is crumbling around our ears. Two good motivators to Do-It-Yourself tasks are cost and quality. Being a stay-at-home-mother of six children with my husband as the sole income earner for over twenty years, I have had to learn many things including living within a modest means. They say necessity is the mother of inventions, I would have to agree with that thought. Often the solutions, concoctions, or inventions I found were out of necessity.


Here is the Video My Children Made

One day the kids and I were working on a family video to send to my brother and his children as a Christmas gift when they tagged me with the name "You-Fix-It-Mom" They even did a little video commercial using that web address. The name was invented by my youngest son. And it was his idea to make a commercial. The other children helped him put this together.

Ten years later I looked up the name of that domain and saw it was available so purchased it then thought about all the things I have done over the past twenty-eight years and thought this might be a great place to share those lessons and or solutions that I learned along the way.


"If you want the job done right you usually have to do it yourself, or lower your standards."

Staining a Fiberglass door
 Repairing a hole in the wall

My favorite scripture passage that goes along with this thought is the story of Moses when he is confronted with God at the burning bush. God had a job for Moses, one Moses obviously did not think he was fully qualified for nor ready to handle because he started making excuses why he could not or should not be the one for that job. God was not satisfied with his excuses because God knew Moses' potential more than Moses did himself. Many times we underestimate our own capabilities, and sell ourselves short. God asked Moses, "What do you have in your hand?" In Moses, case all he had was a staff. God then showed Moses how that staff could be used time and again to carryout the task that God had for him. There are many things we could and can do for ourselves if we are willing to learn how. They say the average person only uses ten percent of their brain. Just imagine what we might be able to do if we used more of our God given potential. If we work at it we can learn to find our own solutions to life's challenges.

I have often been asked the QUESTION, "Is there anything you can't do?" My ANSWER: "There is nothing anyone can not do if they are willing to learn."

I have discovered that life itself is an ever learning environment and that we never arrive. There are always more things to learn, more battles to be won, more challenges to be conquored, problems to be solved, and I suppose that will always be the case.  ~ Debra Carmona

 Tiling Bathroom
Cutting Tiles


It Is My Desire to Be an Inspiration to Women.

You may find inspiration from my many projects that may help you conquer some challenges in your life or learn a few tips in to help you in the projects that you are doing. If you would like to keep up with me fill in the opt-in form below the video which will put you on my mailing list. Do not worry I do not send out mail very often. I hate getting inundated with tons of mail so I would not do that to you. Nor will I share your information with any third party. I only send out occasional newsletters letting you know about new things added to my blog. Besides that it is just a nice thing to know that someone is reading and enjoying my blog posts.






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"More gold has been mined from the minds of men than has ever been removed from the Earth."

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